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Private Local LoRa Networks

LoRa has been getting a lot of attention lately: IBM, Cisco, and Espotel to name a few. She caught my eye early on, but I didn't really like the idea of thousands of motes broadcasting messages through transparent 'dumb' gateways to a central server in the cloud before any useful actions could be taken on...
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DGR collaborates with Nano Equipment Pte Ltd

The Disgruntled Rats have collaborated with Nano Equipment Ltd to bring mobile 3d display technologies to the Asian market using parts of our Phantom engine. Nano Equipment Ltd provides software development and system integration services with focus on mobile communications and interactive media applications.  Their customers include enterprises, government agencies, telecom operators,...
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Digital Romance: All-In-One Retro Game Emulator

For those of you out there between the ages of 27-45, there's a good chance (statistically speaking) that you have a void in your heart, whether you actively recognize it or not.  Perhaps your life has accelerated to that point of no return known as the "Mortgage, Family, and Career" Trifecta, as mine has.  While...
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