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Game Development in Android

Thanks to everyone who attended our session on game development in Android yesterday.  Sean, Brian and I all had a great time and enjoyed the questions and interactive discussions.  If you have any other questions for us, send us an email at disgruntledrats@gmail.com. Here is a copy of the presentation we gave.  Also, the Java...
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New Android Examples Added

In preparation for the Twin Cities Java User Group Presentation on August 9th, 2011, the Disgruntled Rats have added new Android example projects to their website. Check out the following link for more information: http://www.disgruntledrats.com/?page_id=545 We will continue adding examples and content to our website that is useful to developers as time permits. Cheers and happy...
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DGR will be presenting at the Twin Cities Java User Group on August 8th, 2011

The Disgruntled Rats are presenting information on game development for the Android platform. We have been working on building an Android graphics engine for over a year now and have interesting lessons to share. Everything from basic game components (sound, sprites, events) to complex calculations (AI, transformations, and physics). Also included in the presentation will...
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Disgruntled Rats Podcast for July 10, 2011

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Download the Podcast for July 10, 2011

Show Notes

Introduction The Crew Michael Boldischar Sean Godinez Brian Morgan Computer Graphics 1. Neo Axis New Graphics Mobile Engines Released http://www.neoaxis.com/news 2. Neuro-Systems Augmented Reality http://www.neuro-systems.net/ Other News 1. Judge rules against Google in Street View 'Wi-Spy' lawsuit http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9218106/Judge_rules_against_Google_in_Street_View_Wi_Spy_lawsuit

2. Massive botnet 'indestructible,' say researchers 4.5M-strong botnet 'most...

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Disgruntled Rats Podcast for May 23, 2011

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Android Ant Build Environment Release 3

A new version of the example Android Ant build environment has been posted. Use this link for the Release 3 of the Android Ant Build Environment. The new version works with slightly updated Release 10 of the Android SDK (e.g. android-sdk_r10-linux_x86.tgz). It should meet your needs for Jenkins builds and other continuous integration...
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Android Ant Build Environment Released!

The Disgruntled Rats are giving back to the community by releasing code that will help other Android developers get their projects working with Ant. See the link below. Android Ant Build Environment If you find these files useful in any way, please help promote our site by liking our Facebook group. :)...
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