Android Ant Proposal

We just finished submitting a proposal to the adt-dev Google Group. Here is a link to the new proposal. The goal of the proposal is to get a set of standard Ant tasks developed for Android. We would appreciate some feedback on this proposal. Let us know if you would like to help or have … Read more

The Quick and Dirty to OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android

This is a short article for those familiar with OpenGL’s programmable pipeline and are interested in using the OpengGL ES 2.0 API for Android development. To use the OpenGL ES API in an Android environment you have to setup a GLSurfaceView object, override the GLSurfaceView.Renderer, and attach the renderer to the surfaceview. Additionally, you could … Read more

Disgruntled Rats Podcast for May 23, 2011

Show Notes Introduction Michael Boldischar Sean Godinez Brian Morgan Special Guest: John Carlson Computer Graphics 1. Survey of Game Developer Salaries PhysX 3.X Roadmap 2. Intel OpenCL SDK 1.1 3. GPU To Accelerate the Linux Kernel Android 1. Google blocks rooted Android phones 2. Netflix App Comes to Android … Read more

Android Ant Build Environment Release 3

A new version of the example Android Ant build environment has been posted. Use this link for the Release 3 of the Android Ant Build Environment. The new version works with slightly updated Release 10 of the Android SDK (e.g. android-sdk_r10-linux_x86.tgz). It should meet your needs for Jenkins builds and other continuous integration systems. Let … Read more

Android Ant Build Environment Released!

The Disgruntled Rats are giving back to the community by releasing code that will help other Android developers get their projects working with Ant. See the link below. Android Ant Build Environment If you find these files useful in any way, please help promote our site by liking our Facebook group. 🙂